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MED - Micro Endoscopic Discectomy

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We may often hear the term Pinched Nerve. And before I knew more, I imagine that Pinched Nerve is a condition where the nerve slid into the joints between the vertebrae ^ _ ^. But later, when my wife suffered from this disease, i got more knowledge about this pinched nerves things.

The Medical term of this Pinched Nerve is HNP (herniated nucleus pulposus). Sometimes Pinched Nerve is also called Herniate Disc or Bulging Disc; In the form of swelling or bumps, that occur on the pads between
the vertebrae. As we know, the human spine consists of small bones that are joined to form a long flexible structure. Well, between this segment there is a kind of cushions disc. Pinched Nerve aka HNP is when the cushion between these spine bones protrude from their sockets and suppress the nerve.  This condition is causing tremendous pain. Although I have not ever experienced such kind of pain, I saw it myself when my wife was in pain until her lips turned blue.

How can these cushion discs protrude?

The main cause of HNP is often correlated with the aging process or the worn-out condition of the cushioning disc between the bones. With age, the amount of the fluid contained in these discs is decreased. As a result, the disc becomes less flexible and prone to tear off or rupture. As for other causes could be due to frequent heavy lifting with a bent posture. When we lift weights, we bend the body and use the back muscles to lift. This bend weight lifting causes severe pressure on the bearings of the spine and is likely to cause HNP.

As for HNP suffered by my wife, apparently not because of aging, since my wife is young. So maybe the cause is she often lifting the heavy weight by bowing. Plus, he had experienced several times of a fall sitting. So it may be the formation of the spinal cord, or the cushions were a little bit changed.

If you experience just once or twice of fall sitting, the risk of you got HNP is small. However, there are factor that likely makes the disc is easily swollen. This factor is the strength of the back muscles. If someone's back muscles are strong, when he or she experienced a fall or shock or pressure, despite the change in position between vertebrae, because the back muscles are strong, the composition of vertebrae and it’s cushion discs will return to normal conditions.

The problem is, nowadays people are lazy to do an exercise or train their muscles, so that they have a weak body muscle, including the muscles of the back. As a result, when they experiencing a change on their spine, their back muscles are not strong enough to pull the bone back to its normal position. And it causes HNP.

How to cure it?

If HNP is still at an early stage, then the healing process is relatively simple. We can have a physiotherapy and or having an intensive swimming exercise. These two could help restore the condition of the spine, and it's sleepers. But in acute HNP conditions, we have to go under the knife. The surgery performed here is to remove the protruding part of the cushion disc that pressing nerves.

Well, my wife's HNP was the acute one which required surgery. Back in the old day, the surgery is quite scary. The Doctor will open up patient’s back in order to be able to see the spine, then remove the protruded part that pressing the nerve. Then they close the patient back. Because the surgery is big enough, the recovery time is quite long, could take months.

Fortunately with nowadays knowledge and technology, the surgery to cure HNP is more simple. The type of surgery performed is called MED (Micro Endoscopic Discectomy). The doctor  only makes a small incision in the upper part of the taxable HNP. Then with the help of camera equipment and a sophisticated operation, the protruding part that presses this nerve can be eliminated.

Thanks God, after this MED surgery, my wife did not feel the pain anymore. Even if any, it’s just the pain of the incision made in the surgery.

My wife was treated in hospital, for total of 5 days. However, when returning home, can not directly do a daily activity as usual. Because the surgery trauma effect. She still felt a little pain in the surgical wound, kept when going to sit or lie still is somewhat afraid, the body is still weak, and so on.

For the first 24 hours after surgery, my wife had experienced difficult urination. It's caused by residual anesthetic that may affect the mechanism of the bladder organ. Fortunately the urinating difficulity did not last long. At the second day after surgery, she has been gradually recovering.

Well, you my friends, who are still healthy and in a good shape, don't be lazy ^_^. Keep exercise your body so that all of the muscles in our body stay strong. Thus any risk of injury that could arise as a result of muscle weakness can be minimized.

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