Computer problem
Computer problem

When employee experiencing a problem with his/her computer at the office, they will call the IT guy. When the IT guy arrives, the user says a short sentence: "My Computer is broken". Then IT guy will check the Computer, find out what happened, then solve the problem. And everything is back to work. After an exchange of "Thanks" and "You're welcome", IT guy will back to his station and The Employee can continue his/her work.

End of story.

Naaah, this article suppose to be a little bit longer right? ^_^

From years of experience handling IT technical support, I have a thought that, at some point, IT Technical Support (IT Guy) is like a Doctor, for both the computer and more importantly, for the user of the computer (The Employee).

Ok, from now on, if I say "we", it's mean the IT Guy, and if I say "user", it's mean the Employee.
In this article, I'm imagining doing conversation with my fellow IT Guys, with the user as  a spectator. Well, imagination is good for our brain, isn't it?

When we get a request to fix a problem, either by Phone,
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