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SATU Indonesia Awards, Where Heroes Unites

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Tanah Lot, Bali

If we ask European, American, Middle East, South Asian, and other country citizens: "Do you know Indonesia?" I bet, there is more "No" answer than "Yes" answer.

But if we ask them: "Do you know Bali?", I believe the opposite happens.

As an Indonesian sometimes I feel a bit annoyed. How come a province is more famous than the country where it resides?

But well, that's what happened. What can I do?

Actually, the less famous Indonesia is not that pathetic third-world country inhabited by beggars. We are Post Industrial Society as well. We can make payments with our smartphones. ^_^.

Speaking of society, we also have a lot of good news about society member who doing things which has a huge impact on society. And of course, that becomes a prove that Indonesia is not that pathetic third-world country.

If you wondering who is that society member? Who is/are the persons/community which become a superhero that do good things for their surroundings?

Please don't start packing your luggage and start walking through 38 Provinces of Indonesia, looking for those heroes. It will be time and money-consuming.

You can start tracking them by following the "SATU Indonesia Awards" event.

SATU Indonesia Awards 2022

The SATU Indonesia Award is a competition where the end result is in the form of awards for five youths who are considered to have made a positive contribution to society and the surrounding environment. You can found it at www.satu-indonesia.com.

This event has been held ever since 2010, and this year, 2022, is the 13th event.

There are 6 categories, with one chosen hero at every category. The categories are:
  1. Health
  2. Environment
  3. Education
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Technology
  6. Group/Community

And for this year, here are the heroes:

Health - Justitia Avila Veda

Around June 2020, Justitia Avila Veda offered consultation assistance in cases of sexual violence via a tweet on her Twitter account.

Many have responded positively. Together with his partner, Veda began to provide online consultations. They initiated the Advocates Collective for Gender Justice (Kolektif Advokat untuk Keadilan Gender or KAKG). In addition to online consultations, KAKG assists clients in need in trials throughout Indonesia.

In the first year, 2020 to 2021, Veda and his friends received 150 complaints. About 80% of them are cases of technology-related violence. Their consulting services can be accessed via social media Instagram and KAKG's TikTok.

Environment - David Hidayat

sumber: kompas/Yola Sastra

Damage to the coastal area in Nagari Sungai Pinang, Pesisir Selatan Regency, West Sumatra caused the community to lose a lot of the area's natural potential. Moved to improve the natural environment in his area, David Hidayat initiated ANDESPIN Dee West Sumatra.

ANDESPIN is an acronym for "Anak Desa Sungai Pinang" or "Children of Sungai Pinang Village". He encouraged local residents to replant coral reefs, mangroves, and breed turtles, and cultivate seaweed.

Active since 2014, the coverage of the areas he has conserved has reached 70% of the target. Local people are starting to benefit from this program, for example, being able to return to looking for mangrove crabs. Since 2020 David has developed a mangrove batik and coffee business.

Education - Bhrisco Jordy Dudi Padatu

Every week the children on Mansinam Island, West Papua, learn while playing with a group of young people who label their activities the Papua Future Project. Children on this island learn a variety of things from reading, writing, arithmetic, and digital technology to the impact of climate change.

Bhrisco Jordy Dudi Padatu formed the Papua Future Project in 2020. He was moved by the gap in children's knowledge in cities and remote areas of West Papua. On Mansinam Island, many children cannot read and write.

source: Papua Future Project
This island has only one Elementary School. Because the majority of teachers live in Manokwari, on average every school day starts at 9 and finishes at 12. Bhrisco wants more Papuan children to be touched by his program.

Entrepreneurship - Alfira Oktaviani

Alfira Oktaviani is a mompreneur, a housewife who is an entrepreneur. Her love for fashion and art encouraged her to study eco print which entered Indonesia in 2016. Since 2018 she has founded Semilir Ecoprin. This business introduces eco-friendly fashion that transfers the shape and color of real leaves onto the fabric through direct contact.

source: grid.id
Through its products, Alfira explores the richness of Indonesian flora as another form of cultural and natural preservation.

Together with a group of mothers who help Alfira make various types of accessories and crafts such as bags, wallets, and scarves. One of its mainstays is products made from Bengkulu Lantung bark. Alfira wants to introduce the charm of Lantung bark to the world.

Technology - Paundra Noorbaskoro

In 2018 Paundra and three of his friends started a Vannamei shrimp pond business in Pacitan Regency, East Java, utilizing unproductive land. Failing the first few years, since 2020 he has taken the initiative to use the Internet of Things (IoT) to control pool conditions and water quality.
source: kbr.id
Since early 2022, pond data has been recorded and processed using an application he developed himself. To control the waste, he built a smart farm village system with a WWTP or a wastewater treatment plant in Pacitan and Trenggalek Regencies.

This data-based mining bears sweet fruit. His business grew. Currently, Paundra operates 20 Vannamei shrimp farming ponds with a total area of 10 thousand meters.

Community - Alvinia Christiany
Through Friends of Autism, Alvinia and her team created an educational forum to make it easier for parents and the general public to assist autistic children. They want more people to be aware that autism is not a disease but a special condition that requires special assistance and guidance.

Friends of Autism already has more than a hundred partners including clinics, therapy places, and schools. They also share information about autism through the website www.temanautis.com.
source: temanautis.com

This community holds webinars and IG live with experts once a month to facilitate autism education. Together with several partners, they are developing a new service in the form of online consultation.

Actually, these 6 heroes are among thousands of other heroes with their own "superpowers" that bring a positive impact on society.

And if this SATU Indonesia Award is started 13 years ago, then throughout 13 year of time there are hundreds or even thousands of heroes has been listed, and it's only have one meaning:

Indonesia is NOT that pathetic third-world country! ^_^

Isn't that cool?

Btw, below is link to the list of Awardee from 2010 - 2021. You can check their profiles and get inspiration from them to solve your neighbour problems. Cause we are a friendly neighbourhood right? 


Ok, everybody wants to be a hero, me too. But none of us can fly, or shoot a spider web from our  wrist, or morph into an indestructible green giant, or other comical superpowers. But all of us can do what those heroes at SATU Indonesia Awards do.

It's giving to society. That is a superpower in the real world.

Let's be one of them.

I take my sentence: "Please don't start packing your luggage and start walking through 38 Provinces of Indonesia, looking for those heroes. It will be time and money-consuming." back.

Well, Indonesia is a beautiful tropical archipelago. It's a warm all-year sunshine country. So when you have a plan for a vacation, pack your luggage and start exploring 38 provinces of Indonesia. It's really worth it. Really.

Photo Credit:

- Uwe Aranas
- Satu Indonesia Awards website

#BangkitBersamaUntukIndonesia #KitaSATUIndonesia

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